Join HackTutors on Facebook!

Join HackTutors on Facebook!

I would like to suggest you to join HackTutors on Facebook. Simply, click the "Like" button to unlock unlimited blogger support in the discussion board. I have made some good changes on HackTutors Facebook landing page, if you have checked it, you're free to view Welcome page. I also would like to know your suggestion about current landing page of HackTutors.

I'm offering the free blogger help on Facebook discussion board. Once you Liked the page, you'll be able to ask any question regarding blogger customizations.

I've been busy creating my new site called DigitalBunch. You can join DigitalBunch on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

I also recommend you to suggest these two blogs to your friends. Then we'll get more connections. I'm planning to create new Blogger Template. If you have any small suggestion as a pin or you have a huge suggestion as a elephant, HackTutors discussion board is the place to share. I'll appreciate all the feedback and suggestions!

If you don't know how to use HackTutors discussion board, then here is the small guide:

Go to HackTuors Facebook fan page, click "Like" button (if you haven't). Go to the "Discussion tab" and click "Create a new Topic". Then start writing about your issue.

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