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Threaded Comments for Blogger With Awesome Style

A month ago, Blogger released threaded comment system which is greatest feature so far. It allow users to reply to certain comment and make thread like structure of comment. But Threaded Commenting feature came up with some certain bugs like users directly landing up to the comment section after once complete load of a page.

Some people might have noticed that the 'Reply' button of threaded comment is not working. For that, revert widgets temples to default and re follow the given instructions in this post.


How To Prevent People from Copying from Your Blog

Prevent People Copying Your Content
Plagiarism is a common reality these days especially in online weblogs. Reports have shown that there are hundreds of thousands of different blogs that work solely on plagiarized content. There are these certain content thieves that target quality articles and mindlessly post the entire thing word to word, on their own amateur blogs. Seeing someone else getting full credit of something you wasted your precious time on is no doubt frustrating and annoying but is also quite illegal. Rewriting however, by explaining something in your own words and/or providing backlinks to the original source is still somehow acceptable as it vouches for the sharing of information which would pretty much stay at a single corner of the world otherwise.


How To Never Exceed the Blogger Storage Space Limit

blogger_storage_limit The most important feature of any space is its capacity, especially in the world of computers because here the storage capacity is a matter of prime concern because of it being in a never-enough state. The Google-owned blogging platform Blogger gives the free user a total of 1GB of storage space for the multimedia on their blogs. It seems decent at the start, but eventually gets eaten up pretty fast and after it's done with, you may need to buy more which doesn't sound easy. However, by restricting yourself a bit, you can actually make this 1GB storage space last forever. Let's take a look at how this can be done.


3 Secret 'Tricks' That Will Get Your Site Approved in BuySellAds

Get your site blog approved in BuySellAds
So you finally created a blog and you want to earn the heck out of it but you don't know how. You tried Adsense but its CPC is killing you and finally you came to know about BuySellAds that you can make a decent money through it.

You heard it correct.


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