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Common Web Design Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Content is what websites are all about; web design is the way the content is presented in the most pleasing way possible for them to be effective and valuable. You can’t succeed with high quality content unless you have a great and effective web design to go along with it.

Although there are plenty of resources about effective web designs out there, there are still a number of common mistakes site owners make when designing their own sites. In this article, we are going to review those mistakes and discuss how you can avoid them.


How To Prevent People from Copying from Your Blog

Prevent People Copying Your Content
Plagiarism is a common reality these days especially in online weblogs. Reports have shown that there are hundreds of thousands of different blogs that work solely on plagiarized content. There are these certain content thieves that target quality articles and mindlessly post the entire thing word to word, on their own amateur blogs. Seeing someone else getting full credit of something you wasted your precious time on is no doubt frustrating and annoying but is also quite illegal. Rewriting however, by explaining something in your own words and/or providing backlinks to the original source is still somehow acceptable as it vouches for the sharing of information which would pretty much stay at a single corner of the world otherwise.


10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Keyword Research


One of the most important step in generating an ample amount of traffic to your website is to be at good terms with the search engine processing robot as it amps up the traffic way faster than any other technique out there. This, as you may have guessed, refers to the keyword selection which is easily the most essential SEO technique you should consider for your website. However, it isn't that easy as it sounds. There are a lot of precautions to this step which if not taken care of, will get you nowhere exactly. So let's take a look at a few very common mistakes you should never commit while doing the keyword selection:


Don’t Make These 7 SEO Copywriting Mistakes

Search engine optimization is undergoing a kind of Renaissance — at least from the perspective of search engine users. Gone are the days when spammy, irrelevant sites ranked high enough for unsuspecting users to click on them. Instead, search engines are putting their eggs in the Quality Content basket, which has made fresh, engaging and meaningful content the most important SEO currency there is.

If you’ve already transitioned into an SEO strategy that crafts great content, you’ve probably been enjoying the benefits of your efforts for some time. However, there are still plenty of copywriting tricks — and blunders — that can affect your rankings. From lousy headlines to writing useless content, here are seven SEO copywriting mistakes you need to avoid.


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