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3 Secret 'Tricks' That Will Get Your Site Approved in BuySellAds

Get your site blog approved in BuySellAds
So you finally created a blog and you want to earn the heck out of it but you don't know how. You tried Adsense but its CPC is killing you and finally you came to know about BuySellAds that you can make a decent money through it.

You heard it correct.


How To Never Exceed the Blogger Storage Space Limit

blogger_storage_limit The most important feature of any space is its capacity, especially in the world of computers because here the storage capacity is a matter of prime concern because of it being in a never-enough state. The Google-owned blogging platform Blogger gives the free user a total of 1GB of storage space for the multimedia on their blogs. It seems decent at the start, but eventually gets eaten up pretty fast and after it's done with, you may need to buy more which doesn't sound easy. However, by restricting yourself a bit, you can actually make this 1GB storage space last forever. Let's take a look at how this can be done.


How to embed Facebook posts into Blogger

embed-facebook-into-blogger Facebook is the largest social media network and almost everything gets shared onto it because of the vast area of the world its user base covers. It also provides a great amount of features to its users whether they may be the normal users or the business oriented ones. However, sharing some information from Facebook onto your Blogger blog was never thought of until recently when the Facebook posts embedding was included as a feature. So the old days when you added screenshots or URLs of Facebook content are gone since now you can directly embed the posts and users can also interact with it directly from Blogger.


10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Keyword Research


One of the most important step in generating an ample amount of traffic to your website is to be at good terms with the search engine processing robot as it amps up the traffic way faster than any other technique out there. This, as you may have guessed, refers to the keyword selection which is easily the most essential SEO technique you should consider for your website. However, it isn't that easy as it sounds. There are a lot of precautions to this step which if not taken care of, will get you nowhere exactly. So let's take a look at a few very common mistakes you should never commit while doing the keyword selection:


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