Download Pickup Express (pc) Game and Play in Your PC

Download Pickup Express (pc) Game and Play in Your PC

Pickup Express is a action game where you get the chance to simulate ownership of a courier company. The goal of Pickup Express is to pickup and deliver packages faster than your opponents.  This game was popular among us.

Features 3 different race mode. I like to play this game to the bomb  mode because it is very enjoyable. And today I am posting this because this is one of my favorite PC game.

This game is older one and it's size is only 50 MB. Many of the people are searching for download this game. I have found working download link for Pickup Express (pc).

* First, To download this game from Rapidshare click here

* After that click Free User and wait for a minute.

* Finally you can see a Download button.

* Click Download.

And of course you can use cheat to have more fun. Enter any of the following codes at the given screen to activate the cheat.

          Effect                                Screen          Cheat Code
  • All towns -                          Menus -         norrkoping
  • All cars -                             Menus -         toyota
  • All championships                Menus -        champion
  • All game modes -                Menus -         globalfun
  • All bonus cars -                   Menus -         prototype
  • All bonus towns -                Menus -         atlantis
  • Fuel -                                 Game play -    statoil
  • Alternate camera view -      Game play -    grandtheftauto
  • Map -                                Game play -    aftonbladet
  • Unknown -                        Game play -    showpoints
  • Unknown -                         Game play -   showlines 

You have to enter above code in correct screen. If you entered these code to wrong screen, the code will not work.

* The code toyota performs new car having perfect handling, great speed and as well as grips. 
* Type the code showlines to show the line of another player and know where they will go to their direction.
* While playing the game type grandtheftauto for great camera view.
* The code aftonbladet helps you to have map during the game, get earlier than your opponent.
* And try out other remaining cheat to get more effects.

If you know more cheats and about this game you can share with me:) Have Fun!


  1. thats a nice game...i once had this on my pc..
    I was about to ask you for Link Exchange..i have added yours..check it out add mine too

  2. Thank for adding me. I have added you too in my blogger roll:)

  3. hey thank for your coming to my blog, you have greater blog than mine, but nice to know you

  4. Yeah it is really nice game.

  5. OMG I've been looking for this game everywhere, Thx

  6. Thanks alot ...I had been looking for this game for ages.I used to play this game in my childhood.I love the bomb mode and it never gets old.


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