Cool facebook hack tricks

Cool facebook hack tricks

Facebook has grown popular over the years. As you probably know by now that we have discussed a simple javascript tricks. This is a cool and simple tricks of facebook i have found.

The Tricks of facebook:

All you have to do is copy the javascript code into the addressbar.

Menu Bar 
Just copy the code in the address bar then press enter to change the color of menu bar just like the picture below.

You can change the color to your needs, just you have to replace the red text with your color name. 
Changing Title:

javascript:void(document.title="Facebook |");
Chat Display: 
Chat Status:
NOTE: It works only on Mozilla Firefox browser.


  1. javascript:void(document.getElementById('??????').style.background='red');
    ?????? <--- its combine anything with id in html FB, like :
    stream, presence_ui, or etc just look at source

  2. Great hack to customize facebook homepage.But is it applicable for new Fb homepage ?


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